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Primary Production

Primary Production


YEAR 2010 Daily processed milk: 600,000 and 650,000 liters

Milk Purchase and Transport

Noal’s manufacturing plant is located in Villa María, city that also gives its name to one of the most important milk producing areas in South America. Noal’s milk purchase area covers a 200 km radius.

It is our company’s policy to ensure the quality of our products, therefore obtaining the best raw material becomes essential. This is why milking farms are selected and advised in order to produce premium milk. Their milk production is transported by properly equipped tankers that are designed for such a purpose.

All quality and composition controls, to which the raw material is subjected to, are carried out daily by our laboratory staff, and the results are immediately informed to our milk producers. These data make up a payment system based on the composition and sanitary quality of the milk, taking the liter of milk as the payment unit.

To maximize our performance, we have developed an industrial and commercial expansion program, whose objective is to incorporate new milk producing farms and help the farms we already work with rise their production. The results are reflected in the constant annual increase of purchased milk volumes.

To ensure the sanitary quality of the milking farms, Noal has adhered to the National Program for Controlling and Eradicating Bovine Brucellosis and Tuberculosis (SENASA), an initiative that makes producers commit themselves to working on the eradication of these diseases.

All processes involving milk purchase and transport, as well as the services rendered to milk producers, are undertaken by the Milk Purchase and Transport Department following the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) that promotes continuous improvement.


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